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Fayre Media is a well established trade fair organizer in India, incorporates trade fair related services, road shows, arrangement and decoration of stalls, and all the necessary facilities, negotiates vendor contracts and designs the layout. Fayre Media coordinates the staff and volunteers, and arranges publicity and advertisement.
Fayre is an archaic spelling of fair, used mostly from the 15th to the 17th century. This spelling is now confusingly used for both fair and fare, the latter in the sense of 'food and drink'. In itself, the word means a gathering of stalls and amusements for public entertainment. The alternate spelling is an old-fashioned affectation and is used in order to remind revelers and participants of medieval fayres and markets. Fairs are also known by many different names around the world, such as agricultural show, carnival,county fair, exhibition or state fair, festival, market and show. Flea markets and auto shows are sometimes incorporated into a fair. Activities at fairs vary widely. Some are important showcases for businessmen in agricultural, pastoral or horticultural districts because they present opportunities to display and demonstrate the latest machinery on the market.


We want to be in such a prestigious position from where we could be the role model for others. We will continuously provide world class services and will work with innovative ideas. We hope that you are so thrilled with your Divine Experience that you remember us first for planning to participate with us.


To be the leading Event Management company by exceeding the expectations of our clients through excellent service, to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty. Our aim is to serve our clientele and their clients, in all facets of the hospitality and meeting their requirement. we have an unwavering commitment to our clientele, as well as the community.


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